Hua Yi Copper Products Co., Ltd. 華藝銅業有限公司 (“Hua Yi” or “the Company”) commenced operation in 1998, mainly engages in the manufacturing and trading of copper rods and other related products, including various diameters copper wires in the PRC and Hong Kong. The products are mainly sold to manufacturers in the PRC, Hong Kong and Taiwan as raw materials for cable and wires used in electrical appliances.

Hua Yi is a wholly owned subsidiary of Solartech International Holdings Ltd. (“Solartech”) (SEHK: 1166) listed in the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

The Dongguan plant of the Company is one of the Hong Kong-based of its kind and one of the three sizable plants manufacturing copper and wires in the Pearl River Delta region.

We make use of our sophisticated copper-processing techniques to help manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta region. With high quality products and timely delivery, we fully exemplify our geographical advantages in the region. Hua Yi sustainable development is associated with the consequences of the long lasting relationship with the customers and is largely supported by the electrical appliances manufacturers in the PRC, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

In view of the increasing copper demand in the PRC, we strives to become the largest copper rods and wires fabricator for the household electronic appliance market in the PRC. We pride ourselves with sound business directives, fully automated production and value-added processing stage.